The First One

So here I am getting started! Even though this site has been registered more than 3 years ago, but somehow it never got started. In this one, there is something about my life in a page.

I am Najmul Ahasan. An Indian veteran! Yes, and that has been my life’s highlight. Serving in the Indian Army. But there’s a story before that!

Born in a quaint village of Murshidabad, West Bengal  in India, I spent the first 3-4 years of my life in a village. Then, when dad took up a job in Kolkata, moved along with him to the City of Joy.  This is where my life’s journey actually begins. Dad’s only aim was providing proper education to his children and he did what he had to do for this. During the course of my school life, traveled from Kolkata to  Imphal to Delhi to Srinagar back to Kolkata – More than 12 years of my life thus accounted for. No dad wasn’t in the defence forces. He was a central government employee.

In Kolkata, while in my class 11th, my friend, Prem Dawson, filled up a UPSC form for me to appear for the National Defence Academy (NDA) exams. Joined the NDA in January 1979. NDA was a blur.  NDA to IMA in 1981 and ultimately commissioned into the most professional arm of the Indian Army, the Corps of Signals, in December 1982.

The transition from a village boy to an Indian Army Officer was exhilarating and something that normally occurs in dreams only!   This journey has been achievable due to all my friends, teachers and most importantly, my parents. I am what I am because of of them and my friends and teachers!

22 years on, then something happened and decided to taste the “civilian” life too. Since January 2005, have been in the corporate world and have worked in small startups to big multinationals. The last 13 years have also been  a journey of a different kind. Yet, it’s been an education in itself. Vastly different and contrasting from the one one in uniform, yet quite enriching experience.  People do inquire as to which life is better- uniformed or the civilian one.  Have you heard of comparing apples and oranges? Well, that’s how the comparison would sound like. I will someday let the cat out of the bag!


About Najmul's Nuggets

Life's experiences are the best teacher! The joy of learning is from Life itself! Learn and Unlearn continuously
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11 Responses to The First One

  1. Bhupinder says:

    Wonderful Najju…..bash on regardless!! Will appreciate and troll you, as the situation demands!!!

  2. Great Intro. Keep writing – keep it simple and keep it going.

  3. Prafull says:

    Hi Najmul, best wishes to you for your This new found love “Najmul’s Nuggets”.
    Knowing you for years, I know we will be enriched with your wise NUGGETs. God Bless 👍

  4. Prafull says:

    Hi Najmul, best wishes to you for your This new found love “Najmul’s Nuggets”.
    Knowing you for years, I know we will be enriched with your wise NUGGETs. God Bless 👍

  5. Thanks Prafull. Hope to live upto your expectations

  6. KK Uniyal says:

    Great. You have finally unshackled you horses. Keep on sharing your thoughts from both sides of the fence. You can delve on benefits of tasting “Apples” and ” Oranges”.
    We want to know about both tastes and your honest opinion on which lingets on for longer period.
    All the best.

  7. Debabrata Saha says:

    Good to see this. I m sure, it’s ‘s just the start, many more to come.

  8. Ramanand Kamat says:

    Nice. Short. Not stuffed. Carry on Najmul 👍👍

  9. Sanju says:

    Excellent reminiscence. Was not aware of this side of your personality. At times i very strongly feel one must bring out the hipocracy of the IA. It is akin to Emperor’s New Clothes. Everyone sees it, but nobody will admit it. Face it unless one is ready to accept the problem solution will never be found.

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