An Introduction – #UCE72

Hi People,

I am Najmul Ahasan from India. I live in a city called Gurgaon, which is very close to the national capital New Delhi.

I am 55 years of age, a veteran with 22 years in The Indian Army and 13 years in the Corporate. My corporate experience has been with startups, mid-sized and fortune 100 MNCs as well. I have worked as COO in Software Development firm, Executive Director in Education Sector, Project Director in a massive Social Sector project and IT head in an MNC (in India).

I am associated with a Food Services Company which provides catering services in a B2B2C model. Lately, I have been working in Retention area where I have interacted with consumer and corporate clients.

From the course, I would like to understand the following:

(a) consumer psychology,

(b) consumer engagement, especially where there is lot of regional (spatial) and cultural diversity.

(c)  understand consumer experience in B2B segment

(d) Analytics and strategies to adopt from consumer feedback to enhance consumer experience. Also how to leverage technology.

(e) gain from the insights provided by fellow participants

As far as education is concerned I am a technology (Electronics and Communication) postgrad and also tried my hand in formal management curriculum which I abandoned midway due to some service exigencies.

Hope to have a mutually enriching experience and learning.



About Najmul's Nuggets

Life's experiences are the best teacher! The joy of learning is from Life itself! Learn and Unlearn continuously
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